Use Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure in Maryland

Avoid foreclosure with bankruptcy in MarylandFor individuals looking for a solution in terms of how to stop foreclosure in Maryland, then bankruptcy may be the best, and often only, option. At Goren & Tucci, LLC, our experienced team has produced wonderful results utilizing bankruptcy to stop foreclosure for our clients.

Depending on the particular circumstances, many individuals can keep their home, avoid foreclosure, and move ahead to a far brighter future by filing bankruptcy at the right time.

Conversely, if your home is in bankruptcy but you do not want to save it, bankruptcy still may play a helpful role. Here, you’re not using bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure but rather are utilizing it to avoid exposure with the lender pursuing deficiency claims, or the IRS sending a bill for debt forgiveness income.

Using bankruptcy to stop foreclosure in Maryland absolutely does work in many cases. However, keep in mind the bankruptcy must be filed before the auction hammer falls – before the sale. After this point, you can use bankruptcy to get out of the debt, however, you cannot save the home.

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