Lien Stripping

Get a Lien Release with Bankruptcy: Lien Stripping

How to get rid of a lien in MarylandAre you seeking a solution for how to get a lien release? Goren & Tucci, LLC, may be able to help. Our experienced team has been able to successfully help many clients with lien stripping in chapter 7 and lien stripping in chapter 13 bankruptcies, providing an effective solution for many cases.

The right course of action for you, and the extent of which you’ll be able to either strip or avoid certain liens will be dependent upon your specific circumstances.

For instance, the most powerful example is that for primary residences which are underwater, you can strip secondary or junior liens on your property. Further, certain judgment liens can be avoided as well, given the right circumstances.

As always, we’ll make sure the correct and most effective path is taken, and that you achieve the best possible outcome. You need experienced, dedicated assistance to help navigate this process for you, and steer you ahead to a brighter financial future.

The best and in some cases only effective solution for how to remove a lien is via filing bankruptcy. Get a free consultation and speak to an experienced attorney by calling us at 301-977-4300 today.