Learn How to Stop Wage Garnishment by Filing Bankruptcy

Wage garnishment and creditor harassment are two major issues for those who are facing an increasing amount of debt. Unfortunately, as debts continue to build, the burden only becomes worse, and soon it seems to be insurmountable entirely. Therefore, many individuals are looking for ways for how to stop wage garnishment and creditor harassment.

Filing bankruptcy provides an immediate answer to both issues. What many don’t realize is that you do not have to wait for the end result of a bankruptcy case to see relief. Rather, as soon as a case is filed and enters the system, relief begins to roll in via several different mechanisms.

In terms of stopping wage garnishment with bankruptcy, the key is what is known as the automatic stay. It’s automatic, as the name implies, and immediate. With the automatic stay, wage garnishments come to an end.

Further, previous wage garnishments from the 90 day window before the case was filed may also be recovered. This puts money back into your pocket and enables you to receive your full paycheck, which at least allows you to get your head above water as your case is sorted out.

Stopping creditor harassment by filing bankruptcy is also an outcome of the automatic stay. When that kicks in as soon as you file, your creditors are barred from making contact with you.

They can’t take any other action against you without permission from the judge, and they are supposed to cease making all calls, sending letters, and so forth. If they don’t, that only works out in your favor in the long run, because these parties would be taking steps outside the boundaries of the bankruptcy system.

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