Get Experienced Legal Help with Maryland E-ZPass Toll Fines & Payments:

In the age where speed cameras, hot lanes, and toll roads are becoming more and more common, so are the number of people with large—sometimes shockingly large—amounts owed on account of tolls and E-ZPass violations. The team at Goren & Tucci is ready to help and has firsthand experience in combating this issue.

“If ignored, the consequences can be crippling,” says Robert K. Goren.

“More and more, we are seeing people with well over $10,000 owed in speed camera obligations or E-ZPass tolls,” says Brian A. Tucci.

The fines for unpaid tolls, speed camera tickets, and the like are very high and add up quickly.  People who owe small amounts can quickly see the amounts skyrocket into the thousands. This problem is impacting people in the entire DC Metropolitan area, including Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. According to news sources, in 2015 a Maryland resident was fined over $10,000.00 for missing $11.00 in tolls because of an improperly affixed E-ZPass transponder. 

Dealing with these outrageous fines can be difficult and daunting. The timeframe to challenge the finds in State Court is limited. Unpaid fines and tolls can trigger license suspensions, inability to register vehicles, and can cripple people financially and leave them with nowhere to turn.

Filing bankruptcy for EZpass toll fines can be one of the most effective, and in some cases, only way, to deal with these fines. We have helped dozens of people in the last two years who have faced these types of situations,” says Goren.

If you have unmanageable fines and tolls the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Goren & Tucci, LLC can help. We have four convenient locations and offer a free consultation. Call our office today at 301.977.4300 to get started and schedule an appointment.